Thursday 15 December 2011

Cuba-Australia get together

Over the weekend of April 30 to March 1, 2012 members of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society will gather in Canberra from all States of Australia and amost certainly, New Zealand.
Keynote speaker will be Dr Adrian Hearn, a world authority on changes within Cuba's economy and social policies. He is also the top expert on the influence of Chinese culture and particularly Chinese music on
Cuba. When Slavery was abolished in Cuba, the labour gap was filled by scurrilous British agents, in Calcutta, enticing thousands of Chinese coolies to Cuba with lies and promises of great wealth.
Within a generation, the cheated Chinese workers were running profitiable restraurants, laundries and music schools. It is interesting that the illegal US blockade of Cuba is being outmaouvered by Chinese financiers and manufacturers.
The weekend will be held at the Greenhills Conference Centre, 1437 Cotter Road, Cotter. Members of the general public are able to sit through the debates and discussions, though only ACFS members are entitled to vote.
Saturday night will be given over to a top flight concert with interstate performers and local musicians. Some will stay on in Canberra to attend the National Folk Festival.

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