Wednesday 21 May 2014

With Friends Like That...

Who Really Runs Australia?
Australia and Cuba are now combined to suffer their most undemocratic crisis.
The US Government has ordered that no country in the World is allowed to conduct banking transactions with Cuba.
This situation has now been in force for the past fortnight.
It means in practice that no one in Australia can send money to Cuba.
The Canberra Branch of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society on Tuesday of last week tried to forward money to Cuba as payment for a project to organise a refrigeration unit in a Cuban Seniors Retirement hostel.
Normally the Canberra group sends small amounts of money (in Euros) to Cuba through the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. However, our most bellicose ‘friend,’ the USA, has decreed that Cuba is a terrorist nation. This false belief, based on lies, has revealed that every bank in Australia is some 40 percent owned by the Bank of New York. So, now we know. America is in charge of Australian banks and what Australian citizens can do with our own money.
This form of vicious arrogance, by the USA, should be confronted by Australian government action.  We should at the very least, threaten to withdraw our ambassador from Washington.  
Brian Hungerford.