Friday 26 June 2015

Glory ~ Glory ~ Hallelujah !

Many Australian- Cuban friendship societies must now be wondering about their future. For many years such organisations have worked at raising funds to help Cuba survive the ravages of the up-front US aggression. Cuba has suffered bombings, booby traps, at least eleven attempts on the life of Fidel Castro, to say nothing of the murder of a complete plane load of young Cubans returning to Cuba from a children’s sporting event. 

But recently, the United States had begun to talk of easing tensions between the two sovereign nations. Cuba was even taken off the list of countries the USA considered “Terrorist supporting States”.  When this is finally legislated, it will mean countries such as Australia will be able to forward money to Cuban projects through their local bank. American tourists were preparing to flood into Cuba and share their good life.
Australians were recently disgusted to learn, from their own bank, that they could still not send money to Cuba because the American banks had been ordered to confiscate all funds heading to Cuba.  Australians were shocked to learn that more than 40% of all Australian financial societies and banks were controlled by the Bank of New York. Many Australians were puzzled to wonder just who owned Australia. 

However, US organisations are still encouraged to send vast sums of money to Cuba. Unfortunately, that money is not intended to help the Cuban population, or government.
According to a UK report on this financial largesse, the US Committee on appropriations has just approved the sum of US$30 million for “programmes to strengthen democracy and to strengthen civil society in Cuba, of which no less than eight million will go to NED.”
NED is the National Endowment for Democracy, a fund used by the US to undermine left-wing and socialist governments and to support opposition groups by supposedly promoting “democracy”. 

Organisations such as the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society are concerned by the weakening American attitude to democratic values. That revolutionary nation split from Imperial Britain with the demand that “All men are created Equal.” The USA fought for justice and social cohesion. Things have changed. Instead of the “International Helper”, the US now stomps around the world like the overweight, school bully. But the bully is losing weight - the rest of the school has ganged-up against him.  In this turmoil, right-wing organisations throughout the USA grow stronger – parallel to the entire US economy sliding towards a ruinous depression. The once proud USA now barely keeps its head above water, buoyed-up by the mostly-secret business selling weapons of mass destruction. It was probably, ever so.  Australian soldiers on Gallipoli would have been shocked to learn that most of the bombs and bullets raining down on them were sold to the Turks by the Woolwich Arsenal in England. American soldiers are suffering the same fate. But such is the environmental state of America with race hate, closed factories, increasing violence, that Washington tries to distract the population with incessant rhetoric about “patriotic” wars and the stress of overcrowded jails. America is floundering in its own figurative and literal garbage. The days when the USA led the world in economic and cultural values are all but gone. The USA is now little more than a writhing wounded snake. Australians know, only too well, that a wounded snake - is extremely dangerous. 
There may well be a reader of this blog who has had experience of training, or even domesticating, wounded snakes. That person may even yet, have knowledge of how to cope with such reptiles. If so, please send in your comments. Our situation is urgent. We have been bitten so often, our situation is not only critical, but unstable. We need to urgently inoculate against the venom of the writhing wounded-snake.