Tuesday 2 December 2014

The Great Sausage Sizzle to fight Ebola

Dear friends and comrades, last Saturday's (November 29) Sausage Sizzle was a roaring success... well, OK, a great success. But a success. And I say so because I have got documentary evidence. Take a look a the shots our ever alert paparazzi took during the event.
Brian extolls the goodness of our sausages
I call it a success, not so much for the amount of funds that were raised but, more importantly, the goodwill that was evident all the time during the nearly five hours we were there. Although the main purpose of the event was to raise funds to help finance Cuba's contribution in the fight against Ebola, we were also very much looking forward to see and being seen. And we certainly did see and talked to a lot of very cheerful and curious people who wanted to know about the ACFS and what we did.  
Brian tuning his instrument
We thank Supabarn – Waniassa - for their kindness in lending all the equipment and donating the sausages and all the other foodstuffs and giving us the opportunity to set a stall. We also thank very much the neighbourhood of Wanniassa and the surrounding areas for their generosity, solidarity and happy disposition. It was a joy to talk to all those people, young and old, who wanted to know all about the Australia Cuba Friendship Association. 
And, of course, we must also thank the weather, it was a perfect day. 
One of the most rewarding aspects of the whole morning was receiving, not just cash donations but also in kind. Or should I say in kindness. The icy poles that an anonymous gentleman brought for each one of the team members was just what the doctor ordered. Thank You Sir, you made our day!
Brian enjoys a well deserved rest
Anyone asking for me?

Team members enjoying the moment
The Canberra Committee of the ACFS thank you all for your generosity and solidarity. 
The fight against the Ebola epidemic in Africa deserves all our support. 
Luisa Espino (President)