Wednesday 19 July 2017

The Australia Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) was first established in Australia almost 40 years ago with the purpose of maintaining a conduit of communication and friendship between the people of Australia and Cuba.
The membership of the Canberra branch of the ACFS at its AGM held last 3rd July, unanimously passed the following motion:
“The ACFS firmly condemns the potentially detrimental intervention of President Donald Trump in the process of reconciliation between the people of the USA and Cuba initiated by President Barack Obama. The people of the two countries have voted with their feet and have welcomed enthusiastically President Obama’s initiative. 
From Canberra, Australia, we call on President Trump to help the reconciliation process initiated by presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro and to stop damaging the growing relationship and friendship of the people of those two countries”
Australia Cuba Friendship Society (Canberra Branch)

Canberra 3rd July 2017

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