Saturday 8 March 2014

Top Harper in “The War of Shame”

Andy Rigby is recognised as Australia’s most admired harper. He is a player with an international reputation covering music from Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain and the music-loving republics of LatinAmerica.
In Typical Australian fashion, Andy started his adult life as an engineer working on projects through much of the Third World. But music was Andy’s obsessive hobby which gradually took him over.
For all that, his engineering training has not been wasted. He is now a much –in-demand builder of harps - of many sizes.
Andy will be performing in Curtin on Saturday 29 March with a theatrical production of the San Patricios, - a battalion of Irish “Boat People” who fought for Mexico against a ruthless invading army from the United States. The war was to annex half of Mexico and extend slavery. Despite such a black history, the events of 1847 produced some of the finest Irish and Mexican harp music. It is also a story that rings all the way to modern Australia.

Venue: St James Uniting Church Hall, Curtin. 6.30 for 7.00 pm.
For further information phone, Brian on 6282 4747 (Mobile: 0418 48 18 67)

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